Currently Ryan appears as hospital director Dr. Max Goodwin, a main character on the NBC drama series New Amsterdam, which began in September 2018. A: He meant it as kind of a joke, kind of how you learn a secret and wish you had never found out the truth. Wilcox is outraged that “the Feds are above the law”. Ryan Eggold AKA Tom Keen is an actor who did great work in The Blacklist, and success has leaped. Privacy Policy | November 15, 2017 Was Cooper’s anger towards Keen caused by the chemotherapy? He must have known that somebody would have stopped it on legal grounds. Guest Stars Liz is in Judge Richard Denner's chamber, and he tells her that he has a bullet fragment that was found on the ship belonging to her. He knows he has lost. Judge Richard mentions that Liz will still be charged for murder because of her previous answers. Ryan has been part of the acting world for just over a decade now, but the achievements are pretty commendable. Connolly mocks Denner and leaves. Denner is not actually insane but he is shown to be ruthless and anti-government in his own way. I watched the first season of NBC’s The Blacklist because, back in 2013, I somehow had enough time to watch a network drama on the basis of the performance of one actor (James Spader). In the end, it came back to wound him. They exchange talks and he is satisfied with what had happened. Directed by Andrew McCarthy. Why did the characters keep saying they cared about justice? He was not thinking clearly. The character, later revealed to be a covert operative, was spun off last season to topline The Blacklist… Liz imprisoned Tom illegally. Tom leaves and the two talk about how Denner did something that wasn't necessary. Keen. Next A: He was acting on his biases and used his own logic instead of actual hard evidence. Wilcox's outrage about the ”feds” being ”above the law” was hypocritical. A: Wright was sure that after Keen and Cooper's testimony, that Denner would drop the case. A: It was most likely a trivial detail of whether it was a machine gun, assault rifle, personal defense weapons, or whatever else and didn't care to clarify it. The doctor states that Harold's health is improving and the trial is working. A: Probably because they are just regular people, who often call assault rifles, “machine guns”, and the rifles in the crate were in fact F2000s. Why is Denner considered “insane” by the Beltway? He doesn't want to come back, but Red tells him that she will be indicted and must protect Liz at all cost. What is his legal occupation? "I have such tremendous respect for Ryan and everything he brought to The Blacklist. A: Denner doing what he thought was right, stopping the government from covering up a crime. Q: Connolly mocked Denner and offered to promote him to a “real court”. The episode premiered in the United States on NBC on March 19, 2015. A: Connolly has pull in the attorney general's office, so it would have been easy to keep certain information coming to light. A: Cooper knew that Keen was innocent, and did the moral thing keeping her out of prison, where the system would have had her incarcerated for a crime she didn't commit. The character, later revealed to be a covert operative, was spun off last season to topline The Blacklist: Redemption. The Blacklist's Tom Keen (Ryan Eggold) has joined the growing number of dead TV spouses. He is known for playing Ryan Matthews on the CW teen drama series 90210 and Tom Keen on the NBC crime drama series The Blacklist and its short-lived spin-off series The Blacklist: Redemption. Air date While they are getting ready for work he shows her two fliers and asks her to choose which one he should visit with his community group. ‘The Blacklist’ season 4 spoilers: Where Tom Keen’s story kicks off The Blacklist September 2, 2016 The fourth season of “ The Blacklist ” is going to be premiering on NBC before long, and when the story picks up, you’re going to have a chance to see of course some characters in a particularly precarious position. He just broke too many rules in the process. First, he lets him know that Tom is untrustworthy. He is the covert operative that convinces himself into the role. How did Red expect to get the weapons released? A: He may bend the rules, but he always thought of himself as an honest man, and not someone who would lie under oath. Richard Denner gave in to legal blackmail and exceeded his authority within the court system. Hisham Tawfiq as Dembe ZumaDikran Tulaine as Max RuddigerReed Birney as Thomas ConnollyMichael Kostroff as Martin WilcoxAdriane Lenox as Reven WrightMichael Beach as Brad Marking Connolly was just simply rubbing Denner's nose in it and Denner was disgusted that his attempt at making a secret government act revealed failed. Nooooo! Charlene lets Harold know the doctor is ready to go over his results. Will Denner’s career be wrecked by Connolly? Connolly and Denner's argument showed that they are different sides of the same coin. A: It's a turn of phrase. The Blacklist Recap: Keen, Keen, the Killing Machine. Why did Connolly and Denner need to use the “national security” excuse? Ryan James Eggold (born August 10, 1984) is an American actor. March 19, 2015 He confesses, saying he killed Eugene and Liz had nothing to do with it. Around twelve million people watched The Blacklist during its first season. Red visits Ruddiger in rehab, trying to obtain information about Die Entrechteten. A: He will be imprisoned for other crimes committed in the process of the murder such as perjury, accessory to murder, and obstruction of justice. A: He meant well. [The Blacklist] - Season 2, Episode 16 "Tom Keen" Thread starter UltimaOnline; Start date Dec 6, 2020; UltimaOnline Alfrescian (InfP) Generous Asset. Q: Denner showed rage at Connolly for supporting the government's tactics of secrecy. Q: Red and the others are weapons experts, they need to know the difference when selling or identifying weaponry. Liz comes by and wants to know what they are doing, Red and Donald tell her they have found Tom. A: While Denner has a grudge against the government, he accepts that national security is a real issue if it's clearly an issue. Eggold's Tom Keen was the husband of Boone's Elizabeth Keen. A: Connolly may be somewhat rough, but he means well and seems to genuinely care about Cooper and getting justice for those who deserve it. The good and the bad about a show like The Blacklist is that many stories and subplots are going on all at once. What would Connolly have done to Denner and the case if Denner had refused to end the inquiry? Andrew McCarthy Connolly goes to see Harold in his office. With James Spader, Megan Boone, Diego Klattenhoff, Ryan Eggold. Donald and Red are looking for Franz Becker, who they think will get in contact with Tom. The Blacklist bosses on Tom's fate, shocking time jump ... Tom Keen has met his maker. He actually fell in love with her though, and the drama of their evolving relationship played out over several seasons. Donald wants to go after him, but Red says no, they already delivered the message. The field investigator is outraged that the guilty are “above the law”. Red tells the team that in order to exonerate Liz, they have to bring in Tom Keen, who is undercover. The investigation was shut down because of intervention from. Connolly focused on the limits of Denner's authority and stated that Denner had ignored his jurisdiction. By Bob Sassone. Looking ahead, Tom’s death upends the show in a way we’re very excited about, and our next episode is unlike anything we’ve done before. She asks Liz not to say anything and she agrees. As a foster child by the name of Jacob Phelps, he was a petty thief who was eventually recruited at a young age by an underground spy trainer known as the Major in 1994. Permalink: You saved a man you hate to help me. She lets him know that the reason why she is here and a better person is because of him. “Tom Keen” is the sixteenth episode of Season 2 of The Blacklist and the thirty eighth episode overall. The field investigator engages in illegal actions. A: He most likely was but got out and only just entered rehab. Directed by Denner’s speech was about how he was sickened by the federal government’s ability to ignore legal procedure. The episode then picked up with the flash-forward featured in the season five premiere as Liz and Tom put up a valiant effort during a violent struggle but are both outnumbered. It could be they realized this and used it as an excuse for a “false arrest”. It is unknown what criteria Red is using to determine each member's position on the … So stick with us till the end of digging in. The Blacklist season finale a surprise character return that most fans were not expecting: Tom Keen (Ryan Eggold) Keen died during the midseason finale after being attacked by Ian Garvey, the season's main antagonist. Ryan Eggold, Composer: Literally, Right Before Aaron. LIZ'S EX-HUSBAND RATES A HIGH RANKING ON REDDINGTON'S BLACKLIST AS THE TEAM TRACKS DOWN TOM KEEN TO CLEAR LIZ FROM MURDER CHARGES - As evidence mounts against Liz in the case of the murdered DC Harbormaster, a federal judge makes it clear to her that she will face severe criminal charges. Eggold's Tom Keen was the husband of Boone's Elizabeth Keen. Lesley Goldberg, [Warning: This story contains spoilers from the midseason finale of NBC's The Blacklist.]. We’ll miss the intensity, range and just plain bad ass-ness Ryan brought to the part. In the court room, Judge Denner doesn't like that the government can overrride the constitution with the “national security” reason. Will Denner, Marking, and/or Wilcox pursue similar cases in the future since they were shown how easy it is to destroy such investigations? Eisendrath, who wrote Wednesday's episode with Bokenkamp, said in a statement to The Hollywood Reporter. He lets him know that he can get the shipment back if he gets 35% of the cost. A car drives into the garage and Tom comes up to the car where he sees Red and Donald. The Blacklist has parted ways with one of its original stars. He was able to do that and let him live but not before breaking his knee. Liz wants to know what will happen to Tom. While he was vocal against it, he still had to do his job. In Dresden, Germany, we see Tom Keen beating up a man to find where he hid his stash. Why was perjury the line Cooper would not cross? Liz comes to see Harold and apologizes. Ryan Eggold has reflected on his time starring as Tom Keen on The Blacklist.. He will probably reward him later on, after Connolly is Attorney General, for dropping the case and sparing Keen and Cooper. He wanted to make sure Liz went to prison for murdering Ames and recklessly cut corners to see justice done. His father is of German descent and his mother is of … He wants to know why they are here and tells them to leave. He will probably move higher up because of his cooperation. Why was Max not in prison? Is Tom Keen a spy on blacklist? Tom Connolly walks in and says this deal won't happen. However, that seemingly normal visage shattered almost immediately, furthering the show’s motif that everything – and … A: It was worth the risk in Wilcox's eyes. Wednesday's midseason finale picked up with Tom being held captive by a blacklister. I will miss this TV family immensely and diligently look forward to the opportunity to embody new characters and tell new stories.". A: He did, but because he spent so much time with her, and also because you can not always help who you love, he fell in love with her for real, while he was pretending to love her. | EU Privacy Preferences. Suddenly, Tom Keen walks into the courtroom and confesses that he is the killer. A: Red has contacts everywhere, probably including the German Ministry of the Interior, who had the weapons. “The Longevity Initiative”. Connolly lets him know that he crossed the line and must stop doing what he is doing. Won’t come as any surprise — but he went down swinging!" Red lets him know that his shipment was raided and he can get it back. Red then is tasked with telling Liz that Tom has died. Episode Chronology The Blacklist's Boss Explains Those Bones and the Surprising Reunion. He would need a cover story for the police. Connolly used his authority to make that point clear, angering Denner, but he couldn't refute it due to his own misconduct. A: No, that would have happened if he did not drop the case. Red is at a tattoo parlor, talking to a man and letting him know about the shipment that was raided. If you want to know how Tom died, and who killed him, then keep reading. She wanted Berlin caught and will do anything for that. Liz calls her financial advisor, Jeff, to move her money to another account and have her current account closed. The man has been a part of The Blacklist's cast from the very beginning. Aram made a get well card but got news that Harold was in the hospital because of low blood sugar. Back in court, the Deputy Attorney General lets the judge know that the Attorney General is involved now. The field investigator shows outrage when the guilty escape. A: There was no time. The sweet and unassuming Tom Keen began his career on The Blacklist as a humble school teacher in a marriage filled with love and affection. He agrees. Wilcox tells lawyer Morrison that Liz is planning to leave because she moved her money to an offshore account. "Tom Keen" is the sixteenth episode of the second season of the American crime drama The Blacklist. © 2020 The Hollywood Reporter, LLC. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. The government official uses their authority combined with threats to end the inquiry. "That said, we always knew Tom’s exploits would one day get him killed — The Blacklist won’t be the same without him. Why did Wilcox illegally access Keen’s bank accounts? Connolly replies, Tom was never in custody. Donald comes back and tells the team that they did not bring Tom back. Reddington and Ressler jump into high gear to exonerate Liz but the only solution is to find the recently vanished Tom Keen - wherever he may … Q: He accessed Keen's accounts illegally. A: Denner was always against the government's acts of secrecy. He was able to do that and let him live but not before breaking his knee.Liz is in Judge Richard Denner's chamber, and he tells her that he has a bullet fragment that was found on the ship belonging to her. Because of that, he got obsessed and lost sight of where the lines were drawn in an investigation. The chemo caused the seizure, which was brought on by his worry for Keen and him having committed perjury to protect her. The Blacklist returns Jan. 3 on NBC. ... when Liz was reunited with Tom ... We still don't know why he came into Elizabeth Keen's life. How did Connolly get Tom released without questions? He just did not think he would ever have to do something like that in order to actually do the right thing. Sitemap | He started out as Elizabeth Keen's husband, but we soon learned he was a spy/assassin and a creative problem solver in his own right. They are drug dealers and the most ruthless in Europe. The Blacklist Wiki is a FANDOM TV Community. With the new season of The Blacklist gaining steam and with a few episodes aired, fans of The Blacklist are wondering where Agnes is. In addition to illegally accessing Keen’s bank accounts, he has certainly known corrupt police officers who were never convicted. Why did Denner take the Keen case even though it was outside his jurisdiction? He is not totally ammoral/immoral, he just breaks rules to get things done. Terms of Use | The Blacklist Season 2 Episode 16: "Tom Keen" Quotes. He acted as though he had enough evidence. He had obtained information concerning national security, which he shouldn't have. He thought he was trying to stop a killer using her government position to get away with it. Wilcox's and Brad Marking's reactions to Denner's ruling indicate that they have lost previous cases because of the. Arresting Denner would have led to an inquiry and/or trial where Denner could have exposed Connolly's actions. When he refused to change his position due to his hatred for a secretive government, Wright played the last card she had: Thomas Connolly. Denner and Wilcox tell Liz that the memory of Eugene Ames will haunt her. “The Major” AdChoices A: That's just her personal preference. Q: What did Connolly do to get Tom released without leaving a record? Connolly told Keen that there was no Tom Keen in custody. She apologizes for that, but not because of the mission. He knew the model was FN F2000 and that the neo-nazis wanted them. The Sony Pictures Television Studios-produced spinoff was canceled after one low-rated season, with Eggold returning to the flagship as a series regular in its current fifth season. The Blacklist is in its fifth season and, after the fall finale, fans want to know what happened to Tom Keen. Episode Information Season 2, Episode 16 Denner was sickened by the government's tactics of threats and secrecy. They inform Tom that he needs to come back to save Liz. THE HOLLYWOOD REPORTER is a registered trademark of The Hollywood Reporter, LLC. He was upset that she was becoming a crooked individual instead of the good person she was when she first joined the task force. The Top 10 Elizabeth Keen Blacklist Facts You Should Know. Related: The Blacklist: Most Shocking Moments From The Show, Ranked Tom Keen was one of The Blacklist's most complex characters, with the show revealing he was an undercover agent once hired by Red to spy on Liz. Red lets Donald know once Tom takes a new undercover role, he becomes real. In Dresden, Germany, we see Tom Keen beating up a man to find where he hid his stash. Tom and Liz oversleep and are awakened by their dog, Hudson, on Liz's first day as an FBI profiler. Connolly reminded him that he had exceeded his authority. Wright would claim that Wilcox had exceeded his authority and cast a “shadow of doubt” on the rest of the evidence. As medical professionals work on Liz and Tom, The Blacklist cuts to black, with Liz later waking up — after being in a coma for 10 months — to find Red by her side. For whatever reason, Red took major umbrage with Tom … Other than professional life, his results are also an important aspect to talk about. I was not alone. He congratulates Harold, a job well done! Why did Denner lack the needed evidence for a trial? Is Tom Keen really dead? The Blacklist has put its characters through some troubling experiences, though Tom Keen arguably had it the worst. A: Connolly released him to preserve the secrets of the task force, which would have been brought to open court if Tom was tried for the murder of Harbormaster Eugene Ames. A: He thought it was worth it when trying to catch who he believed was a murderer. Tom is in Richard's chambers, trying to get answers. Liz. Denner was sickened that Connolly won. Connolly won't do anything to someone who just wants to get the last word in. Why do they love each other? Why did Connolly say he regretted learning of Red? He felt they shouldn't follow the rules normally to put away a crooked federal agent and was willing to do whatever was necessary, not thinking of the consequences, only justice for Ames. "I feel incredibly lucky to have played a role with such a uniquely dynamic evolution," Eggold said in a statement to THR. I have asked myself questions like this, as one would think the list is ordered by "badness". As The Blacklist had teased in that grim premiere flash forward, Tom … And unlike other "deaths" during the drama from creator/showrunner Jon Bokenkamp and executive producer John Eisendrath, this one will stick. So if we want to make sense of the order of Tom and Berlin, I think we can: Berlin isn't really Red's archenemy. 6:00pm PT 10. The Attorney General lets Liz know that Denner never had a case and there was no chance of a trial. | Do Not Sell My Personal Information The government official is later killed by a member of the task force after the government official threatens the task force. The investigation is shut down after a desperation maneuver. It's insight into how Samar thinks. Tom should have received training to avoid emotional relationships. He makes a ruling that if Liz and Cooper testify, it is a matter of national security. Red Hired Tom Keen. I'm thankful to the incredibly hard-working crew for consistently making the show better. Dec 6, 2020 #1 michael garbett 11 months ago James Spader gives such a powerful performance he delivers his part with such feeling sends shivers down my spine. When the FBI arrive outside to take Liz, she gives him the car keys.He calls Liz and goes to the adoption meeting alone.When Liz returns home she finds Tom tied to a chair. They argue about legal authority and government security regulations. A: Denner stated that after 30 years of being a judge he has learned that the Department of Justice's “barks” are far worse than their “bites”. Both sides engage in a gun battle, while Tom escapes. They have a certain walk, talk, and air about them that criminals can detect. Ryan Eggold was born on August 10, 1984 in Lakewood, California. Connolly would need a plausible reason for Tom's release and the destruction of any records. The government official directing the investigation is outraged and baffled that the investigation is shut down. She lets Liz know that he was put into an experimental trial program that seemed to work, until today. The series will also celebrate its landmark 100th episode in January. The star of The Blacklist, Megan Boone plays lead character Elizabeth Keen. You saved a man you hate to help me. Since criminals tend to appear intimidating they have a more “dirty” image. Written by Liz talks to Charlene and wants to know Harold's condition. The episode ends with Cooper (Harry Lennix) standing over Tom's dead body in the morgue, closing the book on Eggold's character. | California Privacy Rights He is mesmerising a brilliant actor . Will the ruling set a precedent that allows the task force, Wright, and/or Connolly to silence similar incidents? He lets Red know about an arms dealer named Kohl's death and they recruited a new boy that is looking for F2000 assault rifles. At the MWC Kaiser Airfield in Munich Germany, the FBI, led by Donald, storms in and raid a shipping container full of machine guns.
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