White Wine Pairings. Quickly answer the question, "What cheese goes with what wine?" Sweet wines beautifully balance the saltiest cheeses like hard Grana, blue cheese, aged Gouda, or feta. Cheese loves fruit and nuts. Pair these cheeses with barriqued white wines or red wines with a harmonious and pleasant taste like Beaujolais, Zinfandel, Dolcetto. - G.C.D. Our Favorite Red Wines for Cheese Pairing. Wine and Cheese Pairing Guidelines There are only two strict rules for pairing Wine and Cheese. The cheese course. The second rule is to match power. Pair white zinfandel with light meat, including chicken, pork and lamb. Tart wines should pair with sharper cheeses and mellow wines should pair with creamier cheeses. New research suggests that wine and cheese are not only a perfect pairing but could also lower your risk of developing cognitive diseases like Alzheimer's. The first rule is to match acidity. The Wine and Cheese Pairing Wheel features 40 cheeses and the wines to pair with them. I have three to four favorite cheese wines: they are Riesling, Merlot, Pinot Noir and Sauvignon Blanc. Sauternes is the classic pairing but there are other sweet wines from within or just outside the Bordeaux region which would work equally well - Monbazillac for example or a late harvest sauvignon or semillon from elsewhere. Keep pairings simple: pick one distinct wine and one distinct cheese that pair well. Reserve or vintage cheese has robust flavors, which need a red wine that can hold up against it. The best wines for Roquefort . Zinfandel Wine Pairing: What desserts go well with zinfandel? Contrast strong blue cheese with sweet port, for example or complement creamy, buttery Chardonnay with creamy, rich Brie. Zinfandel … With deep fruit and exotic spice flavors, Red Zinfandel can range from lighter-bodied to fuller-bodied, leading it to compliment a variety of cheeses. Red wines are not exactly the normal pairing when it comes to cheese platters. To a point, this makes is a great cheese for all sorts of wine pairings — especially when it comes to more complex dishes. There are no hard and fast rules for pairing wines with cheese, but there are two basic guidelines you might consider. Zinfandel however does pair well with many spicy foods, particularly Mexican, Italian, or Cajun. If you’re in a pinch, this is our overall top pick for red wine and cheese pairing. The best wine pairings with Roquefort cheese. Blue Cheese with Cabernet Sauvignon, Zinfandel, a … Pair white zinfandel with light appetizers. ), or better sparkling wines. More specifically, it tends to pair best with grassy and light wines … Pair Strong Cheese With With Robust Wine and Delicate Cheese With A Delicate Wine. Fuller-bodied Zins can stand up to bolder cheeses, such as aged Gruyere and aged Cheddar. The beauty of a cheese and charcuterie board is that it is an easy crowd pleaser for any type of gathering. Some General Wine and Cheese Pairing Guidelines. Named after the region in France they were first grown in, Beaujolais wines are light-bodied and low in tannins while still packing plenty of tart, fruity acidity—exactly what you want for cheese pairing. Pairing Zinfandel with seafood is challenging, to say the least. The more pungent the cheese you choose, the sweeter the wine should be. For example, full-flavored cheeses, such as creamy washed rind cheeses require medium to full-bodied wines, such as Merlot, Zinfandel, or Syrahs. Having written a cheese-pairing guide, which helped me understand how delicious so many whites can be with cheeses I … Best Cheese Pairing for Dry Creek Zinfandel: Stilton Blue Courtesy of Dry Creek Vineyard Stilton blue cheese, or any pungent cheese of this particular category, is certainly not for everyone, nor is it the easiest to pair with wine. They are the perfect party snack: easy to make, fun to eat, and pair perfectly with all types of wine, especially Zinfandel! Likewise, pair light cheeses with light wines, such as … Cheese and wine matching suggestions in brief:. Malbecs are medium to full-bodied red wines that have black fruit, anise, and herb notes. Lighter-bodied Zins can pair nicely with milder cheeses, such as mild Cheddar and Gouda. I am a big wine and cheese fan so it was great fun writing those blogs. 9.) In today’s blog I want to discuss Riesling and cheese. Its risque shape aside, this cheese followed a classic rule of wine and cheese pairing: pair a cheese with a wine from the same region. Serve it with cold-cut meats, such as thinly sliced salami or pancetta, mild-flavored cheeses, salads and antipasto. Fruity and sweet white wines and dessert wines work with many cheeses. Wine and Cheese Pairing > Zinfandel: Zinfandel Wine and Cheese Pairing: Search for Zinfandel wines Below are a list of cheeses that pair well with Zinfandel. Which is the Best Cheese to pair with Champagne / Sparkling Wine? Zinfandel and cheese are not the most natural of partners but if you do want to find a serviceable wine and Zinfandel food pairing, try aged cheddar or provolone. Here are some awesome brie cheese recipes to pair with a good glass of Pinot Noir, brie’s best friend. The most common form of dementia, Alzheimer's disease leads to the deterioration of brain functions that affect memory and the ability to perform daily tasks. The best wines for Gorgonzola Manchego Wine Pairings: Merlot, Rioja, Garnacha/Grenache based reds (Priorat, Southern France) Manchego is Spain’s best known cheese, produced only in the province of La Mancha, from whole sheep’s milk. The salt in the cheese heightens the perception of sweetness in the wine, so a wine that's already headed in that direction makes for a breezy pairing. Explore the different flavors and pairings of Zinfandel wine, cheese and charcuterie with this quick guide. Try not to pair strong wines with a mild cheese; Do not over-analyze the pairings; Soft cheese pairs well with sparkling wine or white wines that are light or oak-flavored such as an old-world style Chardonnay; Sharp cheese or aged cheese (six months or older) are best served with medium to full-bodied wines such as a Merlot. You may see a number of sources that espouse pairing Zinfandel with Sausage. Lean and fruity Chardonnay is usually best with cheeses that have buttery, nutty, and/or fruity notes. The strong flavor of the Malbec complements the vintage or reserve cheese. Galicia is home to the Rias Baixas appellation which makes white wines from indigenous grapes: Albariño primarily, but also Treixadura and Loureira; these are the wines that brought me to visit Galicia. Dry, traditional-method sparkling wines (brut Champagne. As a general rule, try pairing bigger, oakier bottles with bolder cheeses like blues and washed rinds. That being said, cheese enthusiasts say that burrata is one of the best cheeses to pair with white wine. For cheese-loving wine purists, the best course is to serve one cheese with a perfectly matched wine. Semi-hard cheese and wine tip: choose Castelmagno and Barolo for a more traditional pairing, but also Barbaresco - made from the same Nebbiolo grape - … Wine and cheese from the same country tend to work well together; It doesn’t always have to be red – white wine and sparkling can be great options too; It’s sensible to pair wines with cheese of similar intensity and complexity – a full and complex wine could overpower delicate cheese Many people in the know will say that creamy cheese and some of the harder and drier styles will be the best to pair with sparkling wines. Beaujolais And Feta You want a bright red wine that will match feta’s saltiness. Last week’s blog was my Part II article on pairing wine and cheese. Click the image to order today! To get started with your Chardonnay and cheese pairing, look for these five kinds of cheese at your local cheese … White zinfandel always is served cold and is commonly consumed as an aperitif before the meal. Hard cheeses like cheddar or Comté: White Burgundy, Nebbiolo, Pinot Noir, Rioja, red Bordeaux blend Soft cheese: Champagne, Chablis, Hunter Semillon, Beaujolais Blue cheese: Sauternes, Pedro Ximénez Sherry, Rutherglen Muscat Goat and sheep cheeses: Sancerre, Dry Riesling, Rhône varieties – red and white (if aged), Fino Sherry 4. Perfect for last-minute entertaining that needs to look like you planned for weeks! Classic Cheese and Wine Pairings. And the rich layers of flavor in beer work in much the same way as wine when pairing with cheese. When it comes to festive nibbles, a classic cheese board should be served with a range of drinks, with experts advising the saltiness of cheese makes wines taste fruitier and less tannic. That’s why we recommend pairing this rich wine with an equally rich pasta dish. Zinfandel & Italian Sausage, Spinach, and Ricotta Cannelloni Complex, medium-bodied, and low-acidity, Zinfandel is the ideal wine for a bold red sauce. Pair ruby port with a rhubarb and strawberry cheesecake in the springtime for a creamy sweet-tart dessert, serve it with peach and blueberry crisp to bring out the port’s jammy notes, or go with spiced triple berry shortcakes to complement its cherry ones. Some cheeses react with some wines to give weird flavours, and it’s almost impossible to find a single wine that will pair well with all the different cheese … However, there are some interesting possibilities, provided the wine is not overly fruity and has good acidity . As with any happy coupling, the right pairing can feel magical, elevating both parties to new heights but it can also be complicated. In general some beers that pair well with cheese … Pairing Bordeaux Wines & Cheese The successful pairing of wine and cheese involves science, culture and tradition, but ultimately personal preference. Cheese Pairing House Rules. Most people just assume white wines are the best cheese pairing option — regardless of the cheeses that are on the platter. Many wines go well with some but some really excel as pairings. Red wines match best with hard cheeses and milder flavors. While a nice white wine can be a great choice for certain cheeses, it's not always the best choice.. The fatty and sometimes salty texture / flavours that cheese holds are perfect to pair with a Champagne or sparkling wine such as Cremant, Prosecco and Cava. NV for young cheese, vintage for riper, more pungent cheeses) Light-bodied, dry, … Here are some simple tips for pairing food and wine, with expert advice for what to serve with Cabernet Sauvignon, Malbec, Champagne, rosé, and other popular wines. Do not let a strong wine overpower a mild cheese, or vice versa. P airing red wine with cheese has been a topic of heated debate amongst academics since the release of a study by University of California at Davis a decade ago, which stated that many types of cheese diminish the fruit, tannin and acidity in red wines (specifically cabernet sauvignon, merlot, syrah and pinot noir). Beaujolais.
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