Find out more here. I'll be staying somewhere on the … Review Your Listing Review information on this page and make sure it is accurate. There are 8 ways to get from Oslo to Geirangerfjord by train, plane, bus, car, car ferry, ferry or night bus Select an option below to see step-by-step directions and to compare ticket prices and travel times in Rome2rio's travel planner. Visitors can get quite close to the raging waters on a couple of bridges and trails. 8 hours, 550 km. We have now made our way to Geirangerfjord, and will dock here. Oslo Airport - Geiranger via Lillehammer - Lom - Geiranger mountain road (road no. We’re going to base our section on how to get to Geiranger around the places that you’re most likely to be visiting from as a tourist – so how to get to Geiranger from Oslo and how to get to Geiranger from Bergen. From Flåm it would be an 8h drive via Stranda and Eidsdal. Trondheim Airport - Geiranger via Dombås: approx. Geiranger Private Panoramic tour 4 hours. You’ll have a viking-style lunch while you take in the incredible view. See Geiranger and the spectacular view points Flydalsjuvet and Ørnesvingen on the way. In the period around June 24th - August 18th there is a direct correspondence with this route from Langvatn (near Grotli) to Geiranger. 6,5 hours from Trondheim. Quick View. 9 hours, 560 km. However the last mountain crossing from road 15 to Geiranger (road 63), is closed wintertime. Answer 1 of 5: Hi there. The distance from Ålesund airport is 124 km (77 mi), Ørsta/Volda airport is 65 km from Hellesylt. Arriving with a cruise ship is possible as well. On a cliff, 250 metres above the Geirangerfjord, is the old vacated farm Skageflå. Check here. 6,5 hours from Trondheim. Return same day or choose … 7,5 hours, 470 km. On the Geirangerfjord & Norway in a nutshell® tour you take a fjord cruise on the Geirangerfjord on board the Hurtigruten! Fortunately car rental prices in Norway are reasonably affordable considering how expensive the country can be! The Geirangerfjord is one of the most beautiful mainland fjords. It's possible to round-trip Ålesund-Hellesylt-Geiranger-Ålesund (3 ferries, including the long ferry on the Geiranger fjord) in … More info. (Actually most of road 63 is winter closed. Enjoy 3 fjords in 3 hours on a fjord cruise from Alesund to Geiranger. During the summer (June 1st - August 31st), you can take the northbound Hurtigruten (the Norwegian Coastal Voyage) from Bergen to Geiranger. See all 2 Geiranger Skywalk - Dalsnibba tours on Tripadvisor. The closest large airport to Geiranger is Ålesund Airport, located 18 kilometers outside of the Alesund city center, and 120 km from Geiranger. You are here Top Attractions Geirangerfjord How to get to Geiranger. The trip continues with a fjord cruise by express boat on the magical Geirangerfjord from Ålesund to Geiranger. You should be able to connect to the 18:30 ferry to Geiranger, arriving in Geiranger about 19:35. 7 hours, 400 km. Read more about how to get to Geiranger all year round. How to get there. 63): approx. To build your own Itinerary, click to add an item to your Itinerary basket. There are daily express bus departures from Oslo, Trondheim and Bergen. Get the most from your visit to Geiranger by joining a fjord cruise, a guided hike, kayak or RIB tour. Geirangerfjord, Norway, Boats in Fjord. $1,112.47 per adult. Geirangerfjord and Norway in a nutshell® tour from Oslo. Geirangerfjord. The ferry from Hellesylt to Geiranger only runs from 1st April to 31st October, so bear this in mind if you want to get the best views of Geirangerfjord. It seems to be even smaller than Hellesylt! To provide you with the best experience, cookies are used on this site. Change from Hurtigruten to bus. Geiranger is a village in western Norway and is the gateway to the Geirangerfjord – often said to be the “jewel in the crown” of the Norwegian fjords.Now, when it comes to Norwegian fjords, that’s saying something, because they’re all pretty stunning. In the summer you should be able to get to Geiranger in 8 hours from both Oslo and Bergen by using the express busses along road 15, wich passes "close" to Geiranger from a birds perspective. However, when I searched for the route on Googlemaps, It takes me up the 60 to Hellesylt where I'd have to pay a fee to get the car ferry down Geirangerfjord. Ålesund Airport is the closest airport with international flights. Make sure to stop at Ørnesvingen at the very top of the steepest stretch of road, as you will get one of the best views on the trip. We had docked for a short time at Hellesylt, population 258, to let some folks off, who were going to hike. Quick View. In a rating of UNESCO World Heritage Site, Geirangerfjord (along with Nærøyfjord in Sogn og Fjordane) obtained top score in a survey conducted by prestigious National Geographic Magazine.A visit to Geiranger can be included in a trip along the Norwegian coast. It may look impassable from the fjord, but due to rich pastureland in the valleys above this once was one of the wealthiest farms in the region. More details about how to get here by car. Hurtigruten travelling the Sunnylvsfjorden . 1 review. More details about how to get here by car. However, when I searched for the route on Googlemaps, It takes me up the 60 to Hellesylt where I'd have to pay a fee to get the car ferry down Geirangerfjord. 63) to Valldal and Geiranger in the summer (June 25th to August 19th). How to get to Geirangerfjord. The Geirangerfjord is a 15-kilometre-long branch of Storfjord and has been inscribed on UNESCO's World Heritage List. 6 hours, 410 km. We’re bringing you all of the distance details. Rome2rio makes travelling from Oslo to Geiranger easy. Quick View. Find your local tourist information office. In Geiranger you will have time togo shopping, enjoy the spectacular nature, or visit the Norwegian Fjord Centre which are only a few minutes on foot from the centre of Geiranger and located next to Hotel Union. Geirangerfjord is accessible by road or cruise ship. NB! Geiranger and Hellesylt are villages in Møre og Romsdal.The Geirangerfjord is one of the most beautiful mainland fjords and one of the most popular tourist destinations in Norway. The rest of the year Hurtigruten does not enter Geiranger, but stops in Ålesund. The local tourist information office can give you good and useful information. Note: You will of course receive a booking confirmation from us with a detailed itinerary for the tour you have selected. After disembarking from the ferry, stop in the village of Geiranger. You start your tour in Bergen on the popular Norway in a nutshell® tour, which takes you through some of Norway's most beautiful fjord scenery. Hop on another ferry and travel to Linge, enjoying more panoramic views along the way. The only reasonabe way to get to Geiranger at this time of year is by car. Geirangerfjord’s nearest airport and train station are around 120 kilometres and 130 kilometres away respectively, so it’s best to reach the area by car. 6-7 hours from Oslo to Geiranger, approx. ship or bus? Indulge in ice-cream, Geiranger’s own chocolate our get some local souvenirs. Along the side of the fjord, there are a number of now abandoned farms. Departure from Geiranger will take you up the spectacular Eagleroad, and back to Ålesund via the ferry Eidsdal-Linge. Oslo Airport - Geiranger via Lillehammer - Dombås - Åndalsnes - Sjøholt: approx. The tiny, but hospitable village has welcomed visitors from all over the world since the first tourist cruise sailed through the fjord in 1869. Åndalsnes railway station, the closest train station to Geiranger, is just over 130 kilometres away. The Geirangerfjord is included on the UNESCO World Heritage List, together with the Nærøyfjord, since 2005. Rome2rio makes travelling from Bergen to Geiranger easy. Oslo Airport - Geiranger via Lillehammer - Dombås - Åndalsnes - Trollstigen - Valldal: approx. We were there in July and we drove from Geiranger to Bergen in 1 day no problem. Here are some tips on how to use your Listing Page to attract more travelers to your business - Geiranger Fjord. If you want to book return on another day, you need to book one-way tickets: Ålesund - Geiranger Geiranger - Ålesund You can get close to Geirangerfjord with flights, as well. Answer 1 of 3: -:- Message from Tripadvisor staff -:-This post has been removed at the author's request. NEWS! and change to other fjord!!! The viewpoint is normally open between May and October, but exact dates can vary depending on the weather and road conditions. Dass der Geirangerfjord heute auf diversen Listen für die spektakulärsten Orte der Welt erscheint, ist kein Zufall. How to Get to Geirangerfjord Geirangerfjord is about a nine-mile branch of Storfjord, accessible from Alesund or from the town of Hellesylt. Geirangerfjord is the southernmost part of great Storfjord. Since we are short of time, we decided to visit only a few places. Geirangerfjord, Norway, Boats in Fjord. We have now made our way to Geirangerfjord, and will dock here. We are going by bus up the steep Trollstigen Mountain Road, that weaves through the village … Photo: Damir Spanic. Starts at 550 NOK/night. Find all the transport options for your trip from Bergen to Geiranger right here. I'm looking at driving from Flam to Geiranger on the 19th of May. I'm looking at driving from Flam to Geiranger on the 19th of May. Unfortunately, getting to Geiranger isn’t that easy, but it’s definitely worth the effort once you’re there! Answer 1 of 14: We are planning a 10 day backpacking trip in Norway(14th april- 24th april). Bergen Airport - Geiranger: approx. How to Get from Bergen to Geiranger View Map Renting a car to self-drive the 230 miles (370km) from the southwestern fjord city of Bergen to the village of Geiranger, at the foot of the beautiful Geirangerfjord is the most popular option for travelers looking to explore the epic mountain and fjord scenery along the way. roundtrips from Ålesund to Geiranger here. A stunning view of Geiranger and the Geirangerfjord. Get … Oslo Airport - Geiranger via Lillehammer - Lom - Stryn - Hellesylt - Stranda: approx. Die Bewohner Geirangers sind übrigens nicht nur dank der frischen Luft besonders fit – auch die regionale Küche und die frischen Zutaten spielen eine wichtige Rolle. Quieter than Geiranger (although still uncomfortable when a cruise ship docks), Hellesylt is a great alternative place to stop or stay. This tour offers a scenic drive from Oslo to Geiranger, as well as a personal tour guide to take you around Geirangerfjord and the surrounding area. Some roads close to Geiranger are closed during winter (Trollstigen, Geiranger mountain road), but in the summer months it will take you approx. How do I get to the Geirangerfjord? How to get to Geiranger A classic view over the town of Arendelle from Frozen, aka Geiranger, in summer. Or Hurtigruten with detour to Geiranger. The landscape that inspired the makers of Frozen, The Fjord Pilgrim Route – from Viking to pilgrim, Nordvest: Close to the mountains in all directions, The skiing treasure trove of the Sognefjord, Star-studded culinary experiences in Fjord Norway, Roundtrips by car or by public transportation, Top 11 viewpoints along Norwegian Scenic Routes, A landscape shaped by the Ice Age in Sognefjord, Fun facts about Norwegians and the Vikings, The new Viking age is packed with activities, Waterfalls, fjords and glaciers in Hardanger, Accommodating your dreams: 10 standout hotels, Holidaying with children in South West Norway, Autumn is the perfect time for a trip with friends, The most Instagram-friendly places in Fjord Norway, More details about how to get here by car. It costs 170 NOK to visit Geiranger Skywalk by car, which allows entry for up to 5 people.
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