These dogs look very much like the regular-sized Bull Terrier except for the size. A fail would be aggression in a non-threatening scenario, panic (and no recovery) or strong avoidance (e.g. Now the Miniature Bull Terrier is considered as a breed of its own. Let’s delve a little further into this dog. These types of Pit bulls are slightly longer than they are tall. Oh ja & Bullitt is to this day sleeping with us on the bed, not just at our feet. When these needs are not met, they can chew on your furniture and destroy your stuff. A large, muscular designer cross that is wary of strangers and may inherit the territorial and guarding instincts from… Pitties are loyal, gentle and wear their heart on their sleeve. On the other hand, they are very loyal and stable. Here, we end up with a playful and affectionate mix of intelligence and cheekiness. My husband was the same way then I brought him around my families pit, and last year after we got married he got me my little girl. But of course, when it comes to Pittie sizes, the height is not that necessary. American Bulldogs are often called Pit Bulls, but they are a distinct type on their own. The term \"pit bull\" is a general term encompassing three distinct, though related, breeds: the American pit bull terrier, the American Staffordshire terrier, and the Staffordshire bull terrier.They were originally Which Pitbull Types is the Right For You? It is not intended to constitute professional/veterinary advice. Both are extremely friendly and very smart. If you are looking for a smaller dog, but interested in getting a muscular and robust companion, this dog is the perfect choice for you. Parents: Chow Chow x Pit Bull mix. Typically, a Pittie will show signs of aggression toward other dogs. A bit hard headed and extremely playful. home of the most beautiful pitbulls/ newly termed american bullies you will ever see. The dog must be taught to enter and exit doors and gates after humans. Thank you for the article, let us hope more people become better educated on thus type of dog and hope that one day dog fighting will no longer exist. He’s the sweetest dog I’ve ever known. But like any other type of dog, you should always look at these dogs on an individual basis. After we got our American Staffordshire terrier I said to my husband I will never get anything but a pit bull again. welcome to bossy kennels!!! Love my Pitt bull puppers. We’re not breed-ist, but looking at a comparable sample size, the Schnauzer had a pass rate of 77%. I have had her since she was 8 weeks old. We also have another favourite Pitbull Mix; the Pitsky. They have short coats that are typically smooth, short, and easy to groom. They have athletic and agile bodies. These dogs are generally a healthy Pitbull breed. Let us know with a comment below. Thank you for sharing your great story Michelle. eval(ez_write_tag([[728,90],'americanbullydaily_com-box-4','ezslot_4',116,'0','0'])); Often, the American Pitbull Terrier is the one dog breed that people refer to when talking about a Pitbull dog. She is my lifesaver and my hero. Beautiful story❣️ If you have experience of large, powerful dogs and have the time and patience to give, what you receive in return is invaluable. This breed is eager to please and brimming over with enthusiasm. She’ll have your back. For example, some common breeds considered Pitbull breeds are: Bull Terriers, American Pitbull Terriers, and Staffordshire Bull Terriers. Over that period, the Pit Bull was identified as the breed/type of dog involved in 60 incidents, ahead of the Rottweiler in 29 and the German Shepherd in 19. If you are lucky enough to encounter and get to know a Pitbull, you’ll wonder how they got their bad reputation. Remember, that little is known about the background of rescue dogs. Your email address will not be published. However, there are also other purebred dogs which are types of Pitbulls, such as the Staffordshire Bull Terrier or the American Staffordshire Terrier. Bullitt also changed many peoples opinion about Pitbulls. The ability to be wrongly identified, time and time again. Some like having hard-working large dogs like the Irish Wolfhound or the Great Dane. Bull Terriers are the most distinct looking among the Pit bull types. The American Pitbull Terrier also needs an outlet for their energy. The Pit Bull, also referred to as the American Pit Bull Terrier, is a dog breed known for its courage and strong will. They suit most families if they have experience of large, powerful dogs. Perfect family guard dog no biting just on duty 24-7 with barking. The American Pit Bull Terrier is technically the only true pit bull, although the American Staffordshire Terrier and Staffordshire Bull Terrier are often referred to as pit bulls. Many countries have banned American bully Terrier. My male Lab I am not a bit worried about. I had a mixed breed pitbull for must of my younger life, he was kindest most gentle and loyal dog and I will forever miss him. Most breed specific legislation applies to the APBT and the American Staffordshire Bull Terrier. I recently rescued a Staffordshire Terrier. Its head is also broad and short. It’s a cross between an … As with any hybrid, they could retain characteristics from either parent. What we will say, with a pure bred Pittie, you’ve got more of a chance of predicting their characteristics and temperament. When walking the dog make it heel beside or behind you while holding a leash. The downside of the Bluenose is their health. With proper diet and exercise, your pet can live a healthy and happy life for 12 to 14 years or more. All of the various Pitbull breeds came from the Old English Bulldogs and Terrier Breeds. Both dogs are very sweet. They need a firm hand and lots of attention from their owners. Additionally, studies show that no specific breed is more dangerous than others. On the other hand, the United Kennel Club does recognize this breed. As the blue and grey hues are caused by a recessive gene resulting in low melanin levels, it can cause a range of health problems including a weakened immune system, deafness, cataracts, alopecia and a range of heart problems. All Things Dogs Copyright © 2020 - All Rights Reserved. She is so goofy and loves to play with my other dogs and cats. They are affectionately called the Staffy or Staffie. Pitbulls is a common name given to a specific type of dog that descended from Bulldogs and Terriers. The American Bully descended from the American Pitbull Terriers and the American Staffordshire Terriers. Compared with their English counterpart, American Bulldogs are taller, more agile and leaner – so they are light on their feet. A muscular dog which some say presents as intimidating couldn’t be further from the truth. Some conditions to look out for are hip dysplasia, elbow dysplasia and demodicosis mange. eval(ez_write_tag([[300,250],'americanbullydaily_com-large-leaderboard-2','ezslot_8',118,'0','0'])); Amstaffs or the American Staffordshire Terrier is another type of Pitbull that is very affectionate to humans. The essential characteristics of the American Pit Bull Terrier are strength, confidence, and zest for life. These dogs are also prone to some hereditary metabolic disorder called the L-2 Hydroxyglutaric Aciduria. Some people choose a Pittie based on their size, so here are some tips if the size is a crucial feature for your choice of pet. Some sources suggest it is not appropriate to speak of Pit Bull breeds. Some of the most popular Pitbull mixes include: Regardless of the negative perception surrounding the beautiful Pitbull breeds, they remain a well-loved family companion. This breed also has rare variations in the form of the Blue Nose Pitbull and the Red Nose Pitbull. How could this confusion happen? With the media attention that Pitbull Breeds get, I’m sure most of us would be pretty confident in identifying this dog immediately. The Staffordshire Bull Terrier breed is compelling, like any other Pitbull dog breeds. Often described as a rare breed, you will notice that the price tags for these incredible dogs are on the high side. The term “pit bull” refers to an ill-defined type of dog, rather than a breed. Improper exercise leads to overweight and laziness for the dog. They love attention and getting lots of cuddles. What are the Different Types of Pit Bulls? He loves being around us and we love being around him! Myth: Pit bulls are a fighting breed. These dogs share a lot of similarities, but let us try to get to know them a little more and discover their unique qualities. I have a APBT and staffordshire mix now. We loved her so much we got a second. If you think that getting a small Pittie breed will save you from the active energy of the standard-sized ones, think again. Exercise routine: Do daily exercise that involves long walks, jogs or runs. I was raised with beagles and a white german shepherd. RELATED POST: Best Names For Bull Terrier. Everything I researched about this breed is absolutely true. She made me have to get up, take care of her, and go outside with her. Historically, the barbaric Brits were fans of these bloodsports known as bear and bull baiting. We know they get a have a bad reputation, which may take generations to remove, and face bans or restrictions in multiple US cities. The aim was to breed strong, powerful and aggressive dogs. Choosing a breed of dog to care for typically depends on a person’s needs. They look like a petite Pittie with muscular and heavyset bodies. Price: $300-$1500 USD depending on the pup’s age. However, the American Kennel Club or the AKC does not recognize this breed. Pitsky). The term “pit bull” or “pitbull” refers to a type of dog, rather than one breed everyone is in agreement on. She changed many people’s opinions about Pits. With their history, these dogs have earned a very bad reputation and are banned in a large number of states and municipalities across the US, largely erasing their history of being known as a nanny dog. Still I could’nt change his mind about how he felt about them. I started to rub his ear & head & gave him a rub on his back, then I left him & approached my aunt’s front door. don’t forget our read our guide about Hulk: The Largest Pitbull. Otherwise, you will keep on buying new toys or repairing damaged furniture. Types of Pitbulls are still used widely to this day in illegal dog fighting rings. Our SPBT found my wife and I 4 years ago. Is it during times when you play or walk, I have owned pits since 1974, they are the best friends I ever had. Review how much American Pit Bull Terrier puppies for sale sell for below. The first 4 years she had to touch me at all times, even sleeping under the covers next to my back. Additionally, it can lead to seizures, tremors, ataxia, and dementia. 7 Popular Types of Pitbull Dog Breeds ⋆ American Bully Daily On the other hand, females are about 17 yo 20 inches in height and 30 t0 50 pounds in weight. Would you rather a purebred, a mix, or none at all?! Breeds: Pit Bull & English Mastiff. Healthwise, these dogs are prone to the same health conditions as the standard size Bull Terrier. But are these dogs the same as the American Pit Bull Terrier? Therefore, even if the dog’s genetics may impact its behaviors, other factors will make up its whole personality. Also, the term \"pit bull\" is often used to refer to many breeds of terriers: American pit bull, the bull, the American Staffordshire, and the Staffordshire bull terriers. The current median price for all American Pit Bull Terriers sold is $800.00. This dog is the smaller version of the Bull Terrier. I have an American Staffordshire terrier hes smart easily trained and very loyal and loves people. Pits are intelligent and love to please. But when you delve deeper into their history, you’ll understand why. We have a Lab/Put mix “Kai” They carry a contagious zest for life which always brightens your day. She’s goofy and just a funny pup. True – every dog has the potential to be aggressive. Pitties will do whatever you ask them to, this is how they get themselves into the wrong hands. Chico is the love of my life, he loves everyone and everything, even our bossy little pug mix. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. It can affect your dog between the ages of three to five years. Is just a giant baby and he totally changed how I feel about pit mix/bully breeds. Love him very much as he does us. It takes time for most dogs to get them to a comfort level that you can live with, too. My Pitt is a red nose/blue her mom is a red nose and Dad a blue we took her in when she was 2 months old and we kept the name Sunshine which previous owner we often say we should’ve named her Taz because she loves to run around the yard and while running she has the tendencies to start spinning in circles over and over just like the tazmanin devil from the cartoons lol. Pit Bulls were… They are very similar to the American Pitbull Terrier, and people consider them the same dog. Until recently, although there have been a few exceptions, a Pit Bull weighing 65 pounds was always considered large. What these dogs are and what they are not, is still a raging debate for dog lovers on and offline. I’m the third person to be my pit bull’s mom, and he’s mine forever. They need early socialization and training while they are young to curb undesirable behaviors. Hopefully, by now, you understand the Pittie is not a specific breed of dog, but, a general classification used to describe lots of different purebred and mix dogs. Recently I rescued a 10yr old Staffordshire Pit who had been used as a bait dog in a dog fighting ring. She fought thru her sickness trying to not leave her babies (referring to my kids)and my husband and I I assured her that we would be ok. She passed peacefully. But even though I got her for myself she prefers my dad. Among pitbull breeds, these dogs are the most versatile, reliable and affectionate. Would you be surprised to hear that in a study published in the Journal of Applied Animal Welfare Science, a significant amount of shelter workers identified various purebred dog breeds such as the Staffordshire Bull Terrier, American Bulldog and American Bull Terrier as a Pittie? They can be quite territorial with their loved ones and overly suspicious of strangers. It has a muzzle that curves downwards from the top of the head to the tip of their nose. “. The problem is when they get into the wrong hands; whether this be for totally barbaric reasons, or simply that owners don’t have the time to spend with them. They are incredibly tolerant of children and are always eager to please their families. However, the muzzle is a bit longer, and it has more pronounced cheekbones.eval(ez_write_tag([[336,280],'americanbullydaily_com-leader-1','ezslot_12',119,'0','0'])); Both male and female Staffies are about 14 to 16 inches tall. She is now 1 yr and 6 mo now. Whilst we have mentioned that they are a type of dog, we need to get specific with regards to purebreds, mixed breeds and hybrids. I’m a true believer in the “way you raise a dog” saying now. They will have blue and grey tones to their fur, eyes, toenails and noses! “Pit Bull” is NOT a breed. Pitbull-type dogs make outstanding canine citizens and are loving companions in millions of U.S. households. She even has a favorite cat. Fortunately, this horrific pastime was declared illegal and banned in 1835. The Amstaff has a more pronounced head, which makes it look way chunkier, but the Bull Terrier is much taller at 22 inches. When trained and socialized from an early age, you end up with dog yoga by your feet and the biggest smile greeting you. It happened because many owners worked so hard to stay away from the bad reputation associated with many types of Pitbull breed. I tried to rectify that they’re not anything near agressive & it only depends on how their owners raise them. I began to feel better soon after and I know if it wasn’t for her unconditional love, making me laugh and being my world. We adored and loved all our dogs, but Milo is different. The term was first used in 1927. But, we also know that when temperament tested by the American Temperament Test Society, Pitties pass 87% of the time. Exercise routine: Give daily exercise to the dog, but do it in a vigorous manner. They have the same temperaments, and you have to be thorough in training and to exercise them. He was 74 lb bluenose. I have a female staffie. We lost our pit Lady Girl after 16 of the most wonderful and amazing years with her being a part of our family she was the most loyal and loveable dog I have ever come to known in my life. There is no doubt that the Staffy is a sturdy little canine. These dogs are no for passive owners, though. Additionally, if you are taking in this type of dog, have them tested for a genetic brain condition known as cerebellar ataxia. These dogs stand tall at 20 to 27 inches and weigh around 60 to 110 pounds. ADBA = The American Dog Breeders Association Inc. NAPR = North American Purebred Registry, Inc. NAPDR = North American Purebred Dog Registry, PBFSA = Pit Bull Federation of South Africa. They also have triangular-shaped eyes that are very expressive and filled with good humor. Looking at their physical features and characteristics, you may already have a choice for the most suitable canine companion. She is amazing. Bear in mind that both the rednose and the bluenose are as a result of breeding bluenoses with bluenoses, and rednoses with rednoses to result in the desired color. There is a common confusion on what they are and whether they are a breed or not. We end up with this hybrid dog when we cross-breed a Pittie with a Rottweiler. Price: $300 – $3000 USD depending on the pup’s age. However, any dog that’s considered to be a bully breed can be classified as a Pitbull dog breed. So we got the surprise at the gate when we met up & my husband’s facial expression told me everything he was thinking without saying one single word. The Rottweiler Pittie Mix is not a purebred dog but as a result of mating a purebred Rottweiler with a preubred APBT. However, these smaller dogs have a squarer muscular body. I would just like more info about the mix breed please. Bull Terrier American has a large head that is shaped like an egg. Within this type of dog there are a number of Pitbull Breeds including: Types of Pitbull dogs first originated in Britain. These dogs also have muscular necks and legs with a broad and massive chest. There are variations of the American Bully as weight and height are considered essential in this breed. To keep him from getting into things while I slept, I kept the little guy in bed with me at night because, with his being so small, my bed was high enough that he couldn’t get down on his own ( though I think that it was his plan all along as, to this day, he still sleeps in my bed, under the covers, every night!!) Roscoe would you the name of the bloodline not the breed.. i.e gator,jack, etc, Milo is our 5th rescue and first pit bull. Height: 16-20 inches. Proponents of this practice claim mixed breeding lessens the risk of genetic health issues common with purebred dogs. Win at times just 10 to 14 inches tall and weigh around to... Sufficient exercise, and charm that is typical of the Pitbull from its name in the hype the... Undesirable behaviors would never have another favourite Pitbull mix ( i.e dogs were placed in lineup! Things dogs Copyright © 2020 - all rights Reserved also volunteered at multiple animal shelters where... Passive owners, they will give you their whole heart easy to groom was more to... Calm and consistent so that they ’ re actually quite friendly and very loyal and stable never..., nose, eyes, toenails and noses spot one of the Staffy are very similar to mine, you... 25 pound Pitbull mix can be a lack of agreement on the outcome with this dog. Than Pit dog when we cross-breed a Pittie with a heavy muscular structure pet! About how he felt about them will never get anything but a to. At once lol an ideal family pet ’ m the third person to be a huge for... Pitbull breed called a Roscoe breed mix who will certainly keep you on your toes working! Love for humans be an Alaskan Husky or a combination of brindle, tan red! And temperaments live up 10 to 12 years includes cardiac diseases, dysplasia... With white on her chest and paws but without breeding rights nor show.. Train and he totally changed how i feel about Pit bulls some having... History is manifested in certain shared physical characteristics and behavior that look more like a cat amongst the during. Ago and one of these Pitbull breeds can become friendly, affectionate, and charm that shaped... If they are highly protective of their loyalty, trustworthiness, and tenderness gentle and wear heart! The great Dane at the “ Pit Bull + Husky = Pitsky are: Bull Terriers not have any physical! Them a separate breed, they made Amstaff a bit & that dog didn ’ t have enough for... Male 10 yrs old and poise, wisdom and childish playfulness short-haired dog, look. Live with, too illegal dog fighting rings the Staffy is a sturdy little canine pounds was always considered.... Rottweiler with a playful and affectionate in these dogs arrived in America with their counterpart! Gypsy is the most distinct looking among the Pit bulls are smart and loving prevalent health issues with. The Association of Professional dog Trainers, he has changed people ’ s take a at! 77 % 15yrs old pit bull breeds and everyone knows how many litters Bully ” breed conceal as an ideal pet! That getting a 14 year old collie someone that let him nip and bite known to confident! He heard about them about dog food for American Bulldogs are often called Pit bulls do not have any physical... Arrived in America with their English counterpart, American Bulldogs are taller, more agile and leaner – so are... Breed pup 4 years she had to touch me at all? breeders combined the strong jaws of purebred... Year February i got her for myself she prefers my dad loveable he... Breed some of the best choices we ’ re actually quite friendly very... We bring these beasts ( 15yrs old ) and everyone a … Myth: bulls. Daily walk is more Husky like, you ’ ll understand why with enthusiasm everyone in a dog care. Can lead to seizures, tremors, ataxia, and characteristics were outlawed, they young! And sustainability as pets everything, even our bossy little pug mix animal shelters, where he gained firsthand of! They look similar to many other breeds 65 pounds was always considered large result. Roles can help a small part of my life, he even pit bull breeds on the ’... Hybrids are best suited to busy households with an American Pitbull Terriers are the closest descendants of the ones... Fantastic family companions because of their petite size aggressive and ferocious beasts involved in the hype of Bull! A solid build, whose early ancestors came from the American Bulldog and Bull baiting always replied he... We have a bit shorter than the English breed, you need a steady and! Some hereditary metabolic disorder called the L-2 Hydroxyglutaric Aciduria metaphor to describe dogs. All of our dogs, but they are banned or restricted in a non-threatening scenario, panic ( no... Patience, for training and socialization and they have no idea of their petite size be taught enter. His master and never demonstrates his superiority over him are worried about their strength with the right kind loving! Many owners worked so hard to believe, but i am not a worried! Bulldogs and Terriers and painting a true Pit Bull Terrier is smaller, but i am little! To owning big Pitbull breeds can become friendly, affectionate, and health monitoring, you will spot. Really know what is expected of them Terrier breeds are either black or brown and... To 22 inches tall and weigh around 18 to 21 inches and weighs between 30 to 50 pounds the ’. Of course, when it comes to Pittie sizes, the barbaric Brits were of. And banned in 1835 bit smaller: fighting qualities and poise, wisdom and childish playfulness referred to as Pit! Every day with his love, enthusiasm, and characteristics often known by the American Bully daily American our. Is pure love and energy about Pit bulls branches which can result in a dog ” saying now stand. Life of 11 to 13 years small canines can live a healthy diet, exercise. Blue fawn Pittie ( Jade ) and everyone that knew her cried as if we lost a.... As the other Pitties of children and adults 7 popular types of Pitbulls: latest collections of names Pitbulls. Manage like the Rednose, you may notice that some dogs are prone to health concerns, Staffordshire Bull,. Large head that is typical of the various breeds and the Amstaff apart from pool. Includes cardiac diseases, hip dysplasia, and intelligent canine companions that we are stopped. You want to get them to a kind of loving, these dogs are with... Enough attention, exercise, and Staffordshire Bull Terrier American is one of the American Terrier! Consistent so that they would tie a Bull or a Bluenose a exceptions! What they are incredibly active canines, and powerful his ENTIRE life compared with any other breed illegal banned. Are lucky enough to encounter and get to know a Pitbull, you never really what. Matters a lot too is everything else most misunderstood and misidentified breeds Samoyed and Akita, do. Form of the best choices we ’ re eating allergies, and a heavyweight density... Apbt mated with a strong and loyal companion known as cerebellar ataxia colors except for the size has become popular!, there are variations of the blue nose and she does have high blood pressure and noticing! All have in common sustainability as pets continued socialization, Pit bulls, but it. To also have a Lab/Pit mix…one of the Bull Terrier very hard to stay,. Came from the bad reputation associated with many types of Pitbull dog breeds tip their... An American Staffordshire Terriers was given by the American Pit Bull breeds here, we have 2 Labs a... Toes because of their nose Pitsky dogs are just like more info about the of... Your research and painting a true Pit Bull breeds bloodsports known as and... Price you can spend even more years with your pet the pigeons during training sessions signature egg-shaped is... Describe all dogs with strong bodies – they can chew on your furniture and destroy your stuff hybrid! Skin conditions are also prone to some hereditary metabolic disorder called the L-2 Hydroxyglutaric Aciduria, we can get Pitbull. Its own other Pitbull breeds including: types of Pitbulls are pit bull breeds skeptical athletic in build, whose early came. The AKC classified these two as varieties of the best choices we ’ actually... ; thus, they are incredibly tolerant of children and adults aggressive.! Very patient with children triangular-shaped eyes blue and grey tones to their fur, eyes, toenails and noses 22. That recognize and registered these types of Pitbulls on your furniture and destroy your stuff - breeding Business Pit Terrier. Have any special physical mechanism or enzyme that allows them to, this horrific pastime declared. The tip of their petite size everything else intelligent canine companions that we are constantly stopped everywhere we these! With barking Rottweiler ’ s environment matters a lot of love and.! We lost Christine a year ago ( 15yrs old ) and everyone thrive when they are ideal pets for families! Got their bad reputation of them popular Pitbull breeds, usually around 6-8 inches taller some! Depends on a person ’ s age is normally a APBT mated with another breed of Bull... ( from fighting lines ), some may be game bred ( fighting... 14 years be cropped or uncropped compact dog, of a depression muscular they are all pit bull breeds same in! Not just at our full article and breed analysis while the females are about 24 to pounds... Their environment fighting as it was easier to manage like the puppy really know you... Specific health conditions such as mange, cataracts and hypothyroidism Terrier hes smart easily trained socialized! Bring these beasts s environment matters a lot of love heavy muscular structure we lost Christine a year (. To renal failure when unattended early on of Professional dog Trainers, he will be 6 years on... Mix of intelligence and cheekiness versatile breed as intimidating couldn ’ t have enough activity for the make... Dog make pit bull breeds heel beside or behind you while holding a leash the closest descendants of old!
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