It is suitable for indoor and outdoor decoration. In cold season it is not necessary to feed up a palm tree. If during growth of a plant there is a stripping of its backs, then in a tub it will be necessary to pour a fresh substrate. If old leaves are not removed, they form a continuous "petticoat" from the crown all the way to the ground. At cultivation in room conditions, it is necessary to consider that this plant needs a cool and also space. California Fan Palm Washingtonia filifera 10 Seeds (Free Shipping) $9.08. Washingtonia filifera, also known as desert fan palm, California fan palm, or California palm, is a flowering plant in the palm family (Arecaceae) native to the far southwestern United States and Baja California. Uhl, C.B. Mexican Fan Palm - Washingtonia robusta - 10 Fresh Seeds #9397. Washingtonia filifera An attractive upright growing palm that sways easily in the wind as the gray-ringed trunk is at maximum twelve inches thick; this palm sways easily in the wind. It grows in springs in California's southern desserts. Washingtonia robusta, también conocida como palmera de abanico mexicana o palmera mexicana, pertenece a la familia de las Arecaceae, conocidas como palmáceas, una familia de monocotiledóneas.. Su aspecto una vez está la palmera crecida es impresionante, ya que puede llegar a los 30 metros de altura si reúne las mejores condiciones. Shchitovki, whiteflies, web pincers and mealy scales. If planted together in desert areas they provide an unsurpassed deep, cool shade for a large estate. Genus Washingtonia are large evergreen palms with stout solitary trunks bearing long-stalked, rounded leaves palmately divided into linear segments, and large, arching panicles of flowers, followed by small, berry-like black fruits . It’s the only palm native to the western US and is actually the largest native palm in the states. It is true that the preference of the red palm weevil female when laying the eggs is clear in favor of canariensis and dactiliferas palms, but it is no less true that Washingtonia suffers red palm weevil attacks that cause them to die, and as many of the attacks are basal or lateral, they are responsible for accidents similar to those of dactiliferas palms. Washingtonia filifera. The color of flowers white. Hardiness: USDA Zones 8B - 11. They spread out to form a loose and open crown. Phonetic spelling of Latin names by edric. The California fan palm (Washingtonia filifera) is a tall palm tree native to southern Nevada and California, western Arizona, and the Baja in Mexico. Large, green-grey, tropical looking fan- shaped leaves, split about half the blade into numerous segments, crown a sturdy trunk ringed with old leaf scars. – California fan palm Subordinate Taxa. Remember that the seed material, the bigger amount of time to it is more senior it is necessary for germination and the lower it viability. California Fan Palms (Washingtonia Filifera) have a moderately fast growth rate, peaking at around 100ft tall once fully mature in warmer climates. (, May be confused with: Washingtonia robusta, but that species has a tapered stem, roughly twice as wide at the base as the apex, and bright green leaves forming a dense crown, rather than the columnar stemmed W. filifera, with grayish-green leaves and long petioles forming an open crown. Photo by Dr. William J. Baker, Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew/Palmweb. Rotting of a root system. Your email address will not be published. Accessed: 2018 Dec. 26. International Plant Names Index. Free shipping . Soil mix. Duration of a light day ― about 16 h. In winter time it needs additional lighting. Has Evergreen foliage. United States, CA. Although its native range is limited, this grand tree will thrive in any … After the palm tree becomes very large, it is recommended to be moved to the street, but only in that case when weather conditions are favorable for this purpose. Photo by Dr. Steve Hurst. (, Field: Solitary, columnar, upright to 15 m tall and 100-150 cm diameter, covered with a skirt of marcescent leaves. These palm trees grow up to 100 feet tall and have lifespans of up to 100 years. The California fan palm produces numerous branching flower clusters that project out and often downward from the leaf crown. Details W. filifera is a medium to large palm… In the culture in Europe, it is grown up on the southern coast of the Mediterranean. Both Washingtonia species are commonly cultivated across the Southern United States, the Middle East, southern Europe, and north Africa, where they have greatly hybridized. The fan palm has a large, gray unbranched trunk with horizontal lines and vertical fissures. It has a sturdy, columnar trunk and waxy, fan-shaped (palmate) leaves. Robusta (Mexican Fan Palm) Germination is considered so easy that young plants may become weeds under mature palms. Even large California fan palms can be successfully transplanted. Remember that are equally harmful to a washingtonia palm tree both stagnation of liquid in a substrate and redrying of an earth lump. Washingtonia filifera - California Fan Palm Similar in appearance to the Mexican fan palm. Scape length about one and a half meters, on it, are available thorns which are directed towards a trunk. Last one . It has to be raised. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. - The name variety Washingtonia come from and honor to the ex President George Washington (EE.UU). Washingtonia H. Wendl. Washingtonia filifera Su hábitat natural son valles y gargantas de regiones desérticas. They are cold hardy to ar… United States, CA, Berkeley, Regional Parks Botanic Garden at Tilden, Photo by Dr. Mark W. Skinner. They get constantly killed by too much rain even in summer. Baker, M.M. It can develop a massive trunk and grow to 35-50 ft. and taller. Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew. Rare Fresh bamboo seeds Phyllostachys Nigra 20pcs. Pertenece a la familia de Arecaceae (antes Palmaceae) y tienen su origen en California, Arizona y norte de México. As a rule, at this time watering is carried out later two or three days after the top layer of earth mix dries out.